What We Do
DEFTeam’s Big Data Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Landscape
Big Data Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics
DEFTeam Solutions – a Big Data Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics solution provider having a decade of experience in (BI) architecting, developing and implementing 300+ end-to-end BI/DW implementations both for enterprises and ISVs – on-premise and on-cloud. We have expertise in the following platforms: We offer Big data Business Intelligence Predictive Analytics architecture, development and deployment services on the complete continuum – right from the source systems to the mobile interface. Our strategy is to look at business requirements and then try to address these business needs using “best-of-breed” tool (or a combination of tools) and cloud-specific APIs for Machine learning to provide the lowest TCO.
DEFTeam has developed a few IPs that can be customized for a matching need:
  • IP Enabled Services: We have ready IPs available in Stream Analytics, NLP (Natural Language processing) and AI/Voice enabled Chatbots, Blockchain, Gamification/Digital Workplace and RTTVP that can be further customized to suite any specific needs.
DEFTeam has developed a few end-to-end Products that can be sold as OEM in an embedded format with appropriate use case: