Voice Enabled Chatbots
What is a voice-enabled chatbot?

A voice-enabled chatbots is a conversational interface where the user interacts with the bot in their natural voice and the bot replies with some pre-recorded message, text-to-speech responses or a combination of both types.

Benefits of having a voice-enabled chatbots?
  • Anytime, any device conversation with the user
  • Understands and analyzes customer’s requirements
  • Speaks like a “real person” making the user comfortable to communicate
  • Improves customer experience without direct human intervention
The most innovative voice- enabled chatbot

The experts at DEFTeam have designed a conversational interface. It is a rule-based computer program that initiates chat through artificial intelligence. This unique chatbot can communicate promptly and effectively with the users without any human intervention.

What is the purpose of having a voice-enabled chatbot?

The voice-enabled chatbots is designed to understand the purpose of the users and drive them toward the exact segment they are looking for on a website. This conversational interface provides the answers to all the relevant questions the user asks . It improves the user experience and helps in relationship building which may result in conversion of leads into customers.

The chatbot scope
  • Greets the user with a welcome message
  • Answers to FAQ and generic questions
  • Can answer in voice and in text format
  • Requires microphone enablement for voice command activation
  • Internet Explorer does not support the voice-enablement

The voice-enabled chatbots is DEFTeam IPs that can be customized to relevant business/technology use cases to get faster ramp up. To know more about the chat bot, contact us today!