Voice Enabled Chatbots
What is TriXCi?

TriXCi is a conversational interface or a chatbot which uses artificial intelligence to communicate with the users. TriXCi’s response is based on its proprietary AI models. TriXCi can interact with the users without any human intervention. It replies in voice, text-to-speech response or a combination of both. Further TriXCi is role based and thus provides relevant information to the relevant role logged in.

Why do you need TriXCi?

  • Round the clock assistance:

    Having a chatbot can assist the user whenever user logs in to the website. TriXCi helps the users have better experience as they feel attended and guided while navigating through the website. This makes the user spend more time on the website thus increasing the chances of conversion.

  • No redundant hiring:

    Having TriXCi on your website can prevent unnecessary hiring of customer care executive to attend users and resolve their queries. TriXCi can answer all the questions relevant to the products and also guide the user through the website thus saving the company from redundant hiring.

  • Minimum response time:

    TriXCi doesn’t keep the users waiting to get response to their queries. They get an immediate response. Moreover, TriXCi is free from any human errors like forgetting information or transpose, the user hence receives error free and comprehensive information about the company, its products and the website navigation.


For more information on TriXCi, visit the website and download the TriXCi assistance manual.