Telecom Overview

Reduced processing time & developed futuristic design approach with Jaspersoft custom BI solution

Case Study Overview:

About Client:

Our client is a service provider of voice and data roaming solutions. They are the world’s biggest service provider in international roaming service and mobile roaming domain. Our client’s domain comes with huge data, and it grows at a faster pace. Our client’s service platform provides a wide range of solutions for roaming. Our client has about five billion mobile subscribers globally and there is an increased demand for real-time streaming, seamless connectivity, and more in roaming; analyzing client’s data has become a challenge.


The client was looking for a BI solution that can understand patterns of their customers’ needs and data usage. They were facing the following challenges with their Business Object and existing system:

  • High operations cost.
  • Lack of visual standards is reports & dashboards.
  • High processing time of reports/dashboards .

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