Talend ETL Consulting Services

The operational success and efficiency for any business depend on how well it can extract the available data and transform the essential information to its use. That is where the combination of three data management processes known as Talend ETL – Extract, Transform, and Load, comes into the picture. We, at DEFTeam, can make that impact positive and highly productive Talend ETL Consulting Services for your business.

Transforming Complex to Simple!

Our industry experts carry broad experience and exceptional skills in extracting, moving, and transforming your data. We specialized in Talend ETL Consulting Services in the migration and integration of the most complex of data with well-defined Talend ETL protocols that effectively meet your company’s requirements.

We cater to your Talend ETL needs with solutions that meet top industry standards today. We carry capabilities of extracting data from multiple sources and migrating them to different systems seamlessly. We also serve data maintenance and clean up services that ensure that you deal with only the essential data and eliminate useless information. Our objective is to allow you to extract the maximum from the information you have.

Talend ETL Solutions

Our end-to-end Talend ETL Talend ETL Consulting Services cover a variety of processes from start to finish that includes

  • Data Extraction Planning
  • Data Analysis and Development
  • Data Transformation and Integration
  • Data Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Data Loading (To other platforms/systems/warehouses)

Case Studies

Migrate Jasper BI solution from an On-premise environment to AWS platform in a phased approach. The first phase of this project was to accomplish the migration of the Jasper ETL, Jaspersoft reporting solutions and its SSO Integration with Application portal along with its security to AWS instance. The second Phase of this project was majorly emphasized on upgrading the migrated Jasper BI solution to the latest version of Jaspersoft on AWS which will help the users to leverage the features of the latest version of Jaspersoft on AWS.

The third phase of this project was to dockerize the Jaspersoft reporting solutions and Jasper ETL for portability, easy of packaging for continuous deployment and testing.

DEFTeam is strategically partnered with one of the top pharma company to provide an end to end BI solution to enable the field force to correlate their effort with the results, relate the field sales call to the sales generated. This BI solution had also helped to create a structured sales review process, leading to increased adherence to the visit planning and the overall marketing strategy, help analyze the sales at every point of sale in his/ her territory and correlate to the sales call at Doctor/ Pharmacy pertaining to the same territory.

“Talend ETL”, an open source Talend ETL tool was used for Data Integration. Normalized Data warehouse and data marts were built to accomplish comprehensive data model to achieve accurate result set in reports and to reduce the reported latency.

The Project was aimed towards the conversion of legacy census system to automated census system. Conversion of Census data from diverse sources into a single normalized data warehouse for census reports. Various modules like Building, Establishment, Education, Household, Housing, Labor Force, Marital, Population and Occupation OLTP systems to be combined as one comprehensive data model for census reports.

The project showcases DEFTeam’s capabilities to provide end to end BI solutions which include understanding business reporting use cases, helped in the design and build of the Data warehouse.

The project was aimed to convert all database objects (Tables, Views, Functions and Stored Procedures) from MySQL 5.1 to SQL server 2016. DEFTeam migrated around 400 tables and 125 stored procedures into SQL Server. Also, migrated Jaspersoft reports from 5.6 to 6.1 and in addition designed and created around 20 new reports in Jasper server 6.1 sourcing from migrated SQL Server 2016 database.