Tableau is one of the most powerful, secure, end-to-end intuitive analytics and quintessential data visualization software used for data science and business intelligence (BI). Tableau comes with real-time data analytics and cloud support. It comes with various components which will help to drill down the data and understand the visual impact that can be understood by any user. The major components of tableau product are Desktop and Server while other components like Reader, Online and Public remains optional and are business need specific but helps in delivering the instant insight for informed decisions. Desktop is widely being used from naive to expert lever of developers to convert the boring tabular data or unstructured data into visually appealing, eye candy graphs and jaw-dropping analytics. With Tableau Server user can share and Publish the dashboard created for either specific users or organization wide. The solutions can also be seamlessly integrated with business application or website for quick insight from parent application. The dashboard has the capability to have multiple tabs in it to make the solution comprehensive, each tab would then be treated as individual dashboard which helps end user in getting overall business insight at one place.

Executive Overview

People often gets confused with Tableau and MS Excel, and specially for people who are less tech savvy has never used the tools in depth. In Excel, you need to know the insight you are looking for and accordingly place the formulas to create the intended visualization while tableau can take you to insight which you never thought would exist. Using drill down and interactive visualization capabilities user can easily explore the data without any pre-determined insights.

Tableau has numerous features – Big Data, live or in-memory, sharing and collaborating securely, device specific visualization layout for desktop, mobile and tablets. Always innovating, suitable for all business verticals, easy upgrade and excellent support makes this tool a true market leader. For more details and detailed features, pl. see details at :

DEFTeam has deep competencies in providing the implementation and consulting services in Tableau from small-scale organization to large scale organization where in complicated enterprise level of deployment is needed. We provide help in ETL, data modeling, visualization development and Tableau server management.

Case Study

The Tableau project implementation has helped the US based product manufacturing company to move from manual financial reporting to automated reporting and helped to reduce the manual intervention to avoid the possible human error. The project has aimed towards automated profit and margin computation and Self-Service and What-If scenario module to enable user to get plan for the budgeted, forecasted, and actual values.

Sales Trend What If Analysis