Power BI – Stacked Cluster Column Bar

Power BI Clustered stacked column Bar and Power BI Charts

What is Clustered stacked column Bar Chart?

Clustered stacked column Bar Chart or Power BI Chart is a combination of both stacked bar chart and clustered bar. Power BI clustered stacked column Bar comprises three categories; one for X axis, one for stacked bar and another for grouping. These Power BI charts are favorable for comparing forecasted vs actual values based on different categories, comparing distributions across time, etc.

Integration with Power BI

Power BI clustered stacked column Bar or Power BI Chart can be easily integrated with custom visual component developed by DEFTeam. By dragging the relevant fields into the panel, Power BI Chart gets created automatically. Visualization created using Power BI desktop can be published on Cloud.

End users can utilize this Power BI clustered stacked column Bar and Power BI charts just by importing the DEFTeam custom visual component into Power BI and drag the relevant columns to create the Power BI Clustered Stacked Column Chart as shown below. power bi clustered stacked column Bar, Power BI Chart

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