SAS to Python Overview

Find how a healthcare organization significantly reduced high SAS license cost with a Python module

Case Study Overview:

About Client:

Our client is one of the largest member-driven healthcare performance improvement companies with an objective to deliver exceptional care to patients. The client strives to deliver cost-effective care and accelerate performance through actionable insights. For a competitive advantage, they wanted to reduce the existing dependency on huge SAS license costs and find a feasible solution using an open-source platform like Python. The intent was to migrate and replace legacy SAS modules used in healthcare with Python to escape from cost, efforts required in maintenance, and support.


The client partnered with DEFTeam to make the transition from SAS to Python. The partnership has benefited the client beyond cost reduction. The Solution from DEFTeam resulted in increased performance and scalability, superior functionality, and easy availability of an expert talent pool. Key results:

  • Significant savings on license fees.
  • Substantial infrastructure savings.
  • Higher efficiency gains.
  • 99% SAS results matched with Python output.

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