Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform

At DEFTeam, we have designed a Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform(RTTVP) exclusively for the supply chain management business. It helps the customers have a real-time visibility of their orders and shipments. This platform brings all the stakeholders related to the delivery and transportation ecosystem on the single platform. Our real-time visibility and transportation platforms are meant to provide the best customer experience by generating timely alerts and notifications via SMS, email, dashboards, reports, voice enabled chat bots and generate PODs.

Here are some key features of our Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform
  • Update of location (User can select time frequency)
  • Alerts for exception and reporting
  • Configurable Geofencing alerts
  • Reports (html, pdf formats) for observing historic data and take decisions
  • Manpower management
  • E bidding (As part of platform)
  • Route planning and management
  • Two-way data connectivity to ERP systems

Benefits of Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform

  • Insight on demand:

    Getting insights on demands allows the OEMs not only to have an idea about customer’s need and the current trend but also to mitigate potential slow downs and any bottlenecks that may arise.

  • Improved planning:

    The data from real-time visibility and transportation platforms fosters detailed planning. The insights can be viewed, analyzed and utilized for production planning, planning overall strategies for every touch-point of supply chain, right from transport management to customer relationship.

  • Better communication and collaboration:

    The real-time insights can be shared and distributed easily across the organization hence, can be used for promoting better communication and collaboration among all stake holders