PowerBI Heatmap Visual Getting Started
Hierarchical Heatmap Visual – Power BI​

Business users can use the Heatmap custom visual in Power BI to quickly and easily identify patterns and correlations in their data. By allowing for an in-depth exploration of data, the Heatmap custom visual can help business users to uncover insights and make informed decisions.

Heatmap charts are an effective visual tool used to communicate data quickly. By providing a visual representation of the data, the user is able to quickly understand the data at a glance. Heatmap charts are especially beneficial to business users as they can be used to quickly identify trends, relationships, and patterns within data. This can be useful for making decisions, such as optimizing business processes, identifying opportunities for growth, or determining areas for improvement. Heatmap charts can also be used to identify customer needs and preferences, which can then be used to develop better strategies and products.

Purchase the visual from AppSource by completing the checkout process. Then, add licenses.

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  1. To add or assign licenses to Heatmap visual: Go to admin.microsoft.com , choose Billing > License.
  2. Select a Visual you want to assign licenses.
  3. Next, you will need to open Power BI Desktop application.

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The minimum required version for Power BI desktop application to use Heatmap visual should be July 2022 version or above.

  1. Open Power BI Desktop application.
  2. Sign in with your licensed email id.

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  3. Click on import custom visuals.

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  4. Click Import a visual from a file, locate the pbiviz file, then click OK.

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  5. After the import is complete, you will be able to see Heatmap visual icon.

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  1. Three fields are required for heatmap chart.

    Row Data

    Column Data


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    Row data accepts categorical variable, Column data accepts categorical variable and Measure accepts numerical data.

    Row Data and Column data can accept multiple categorical variables.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Once I assign a license, how long does it take until I can use it?

    Once you have successfully assigned licenses in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, it should be available within an hour.

    • If you’re using the licensed visual in the Power BI Service, refresh the report by hitting F5.
    • If you’re using the licensed visual in the Power BI Desktop, close and reopen it.

    If, after you refresh, the license is still not available, wait a while and try again. It could take up to an hour.

  2. Who can assign licenses after the purchase is complete?

    If the tenant admin owns the licenses (Org licenses), then any of the license admins (Global Admin, License Admin or User Admin) can manage the licenses. However, if the subscription owner isn’t an admin, then only the purchaser can manage the subscription and licenses.

  3. Can we use a visual without having to upload it to organization visual?

    Yes. You can download a visual directly to your reports. 

  4. How do we get upgrades of the visuals?

    The AppSource visuals are updated automatically when a new version is available.

  5. How do I know if someone in my company has already purchased this same visual?

    If you’re a company administrator, sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin center see all subscriptions and to whom they’re assigned.

    If you aren’t an administrator, speak to the administrator in your company.

  6. How do I get support?

    If you need help, please visit our contact us page: https://www.defteam.com/contact-us/ or reach out to us at sales@defteam.com

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