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About Stacked Clustered Bar Chart

Stacked Clustered Bar Chart is combination of Stacked Bar Chart and Clustered Bar Chart

This chart provides quick insight when comparing multiple categories

  • Category 1 : This field is used for creating cluster
  • Legend : This field is used for creating stack within each bar
  • Category 2 : This is used for splitting cluster field
  • Measure : Numeric variables plotted on Y Axis

Note : Chart will be blank if number of categorical variables are less than 3

  • Step 1
    Load the data into Power BI or connect to any database engine. Header
  • Step 2

    Import Stacked Clustered Bar Chart developed by DEFTeam.

    There are two ways to import the custom visual:

    1. Using pbiviz file.

      Click on Import custom visual

      Import Custom Visual

      Then Click on Import a Visual from file

      Import Visual File

      Select the location of the pbiviz file and then Click on OK to import the custom visual

      Import Custom Visual

      After successful importing the file you will be able to see Clustered Stacked Bar Chart icon

      Successful Importing
    2. Using Organization

      If your Power BI Admin has imported the visual, you can import from Organization marketplace. We recommend this method for importing visual for large number of users.

  • STEP 3: Creating Stacked Bar Chart

    Add Category 1, Legend, Categorys, Measure to the chart

    1. Category 1 is used for creating the Cluster

    2. Category 2 is used for creating side by side bars within cluster

      Slide by Slide

      Order of Category 2 variables are highlighted above

    3. Legend is used for creating Stack within bar of Category 1

      Slide by Slide
    4. Measure is used for plotting values on the Y Axis

      Mesure is used

Paid features of stacked clustered bar chart are enabled in Properties tab of visual.

Paid Feature Difference

Free Version supports up to 30 rows

Paid version will support up to 10000 rows

List of Paid features
  • – Custom Bar Color

  • – Cross filter

  • – Bar Gaps

Also when “Paid feature” is disabled in properties tab ‘Click to turn on drill down’ will not work.

When license is expired paid visual will not be displayed but user can switch to free visual by disabling Paid Feature option.

When “Paid Feature” is on and license is expired visual will not be displayed.

When “Paid Feature” is off and license is expired free visual with limit of 30 rows will be displayed

Follow the below steps to add the license key

  1. Open Power BI Application

  2. Create a report after adding the dataset

  3. Click on Stacked Clustered Bar Visual

  4. Open Formatting tab

  5. Enable Paid Feature

    Enable Paid Feature
  6. Click on Activate License

    Activate License
  7. Copy and Paste the license key provided by DEFTeam sales team.

    Paste Key

Note: When License is added please clear all the fields of custom visual (Stacked Clustered Bar Chart) and then add the fields again.

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