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Clustered Stacked Bar Chart
for Microsoft Power BI
Easily explore the trends over multiple categories quickly
Bar Chart
  • Support Interactivity
  • Scrollable X Axis
  • Bar Labels – Total
  • Drilldown
  • Customization based on
  • – Bar Colors
  • – Text Size
  • – Font family
Affordable Pricing Plans
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How is Clustered Stacked Bar Chart Priced
  • Clustered Stacked Bar is licensed per user per month basis.
  • Amount charged for license is on yearly basis
Can I use Clustered Stacked Bar chart in Organization Custom Visual Repository?
  • We strongly recommend to install Stacked Clustered Bar Chart in Organization Custom Visual Repository.
  • This feature allows users to get access to custom visual and receive the updates automatically when uploaded by Power BI Admin.
How to report issues for Clustered Stacked Bar Chart?
What if DEFTeam stops operating?
  • We are here to stay. In an unlikely event DEFTeam will release the source code of the Clustered Stacked Bar Chart
Can we get perpetual license?
  • No currently we do not provide perpetual license. However if number of users are greater then 10000 then you can contact sales@defteam.com for more detail
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