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Jaspersoft and Business intelligence Reporting services

DEFTeam has come up with an intuitive dashboard component of “Jaspersoft Community Edition”, with salient features, where the organization can utilize this to view & organize multiple Open-source Jaspersoft reports as a dashboard, enhancing one’s work efficiency and thrive organization to reach targets in time.

Open-source Jaspersoft acts as an add-on to community version of TIBCO Jaspersoft BI suite and supports all versions of Jasper Reports Server(JRS) starting from JRS Version 5.6 Community edition. The main intention behind developing this plug-in is to introduce and provide interactive and intuitive Dashboard plug-in software that displays the Reports, Graphical indicators, Charts, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) etc. for an enterprise on a single screen as a dashboard with custom interface, enhancing the users to view, compare and analyze multiple reports at any point in time. This component even allows the users to export the dashboard or dashlets to various file formats viz. PDF, Excel, CSV, DOCX, PPTX etc.

Open-source Jaspersoft reports consist of two components:

Dashboard Designer

Dashboard Designer facilitates the user to design custom dashboards with desired layout/template as required on the fly. The Dashboard can be designed with multiple reports on a single canvas and can be saved for a future purpose. This avoids opening the required reports repeatedly whenever needed. Auto-Refresh option for dashboard and dashlets helps in refreshing the data at pre-set time intervals.

Dashboard Viewer

Dashboard Viewer displays the list of designed dashboards and the user can perform following operations like Restrict Access (based on users and roles), Manage and Edit Dashboard, maximize dashlet, Import, Export dashlet/dashboard, Schedule a dashboard, Save the input filter selection criteria etc.

Case Studies

The above Dashboard displays the “What-If Analysis” which gives the user the freedom to predict if the cost of product or the count of the product sold is increased or decreased and vice versa. The user can get an idea of revenue and profit of certain product based upon the increased user count or cost of the product. The slider gives a user the flexibility to select from a range of -100% to +100%.

This is one of DEFTeam’s custom implementation and this feature comes handy to a user to perform a predictive analysis on the fly by considering few pre-defined set metrics/parameters for a better decision making.

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DDC implementation for Banking domain helped customer to get summarized as well as daily reports on Sales and Product Portfolio modules, Credit card summary module helped organization to understand actual and target spending in various sections including corporate, retail and online customer, customer spending behavior and identify patterns to promote and cross sales products.

JRS , Open-Source Jaspersoft , Jaspersoft Reports , Open Source Jaspersoft Reports

DDC implementation for Energy sector helped organization to get the device alarm status across the globe and get the summary for each site/building using summary dashboards to showcase Daily Power utilization, power usage trend, alarm status to showcase Critical, warning and normal alarms. Organization specific need were catered by giving provision to acknowledge the alarms right from the report (write back to DB).

JRS , Open-Source Jaspersoft , Jaspersoft Reports , Open Source Jaspersoft Reports

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