NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Text Analysis

At DEFTeam, we assist clients from all business domains with tailored BI and Predictive Analytic solutions. The latest inclusion to the list is the NLP or Natural Language Processing. The NLP model is based on the Machine Language Technology and improves itself as more and more organizational data is thrown for analysis on it. The NLP model can be tailored to fit the solution we design for our clients. NLP analyses the textual data and detects the tone and the sentiment behind the conversation.

Why it is important to adopt the NLP technology?

Transparency in communication is mandatory for the success of any business. NLP makes communication transparent that in turn resolves any differences faster.


Here are some very prominent benefits of NLP technology for your business

Valueable Insights
  • Valuable Insights:

    The NLP engine understands and analyses human language and emotions in any textual conversation, thus providing valuable insights about an employee, a team or a department. NLP helps an organization develop an effective People Analytic strategy based on the data provided by the NLP engine customized with the Predictive Analytic solutions designed by DEFTeam.

  • Faster Conflict Resolution:

    DEFTeam’s NLP helps faster resolution of conflicts between the employee and his peers or the employee and the manager. The NLP model analyses the textual data and detects the underlying sentiment in them. A negative tone or sentiment recorded thrice in a row from an employee or even the manager raises a red flag and the system immediately sends an automated mail to the HR or the person responsible for conflict management in the organization. Thus, initiating immediate measures.

  • Keyword Tracking:

    NLP helps in tracking the conversational data and detect and capture organizational keywords that can provide an idea about the requirements and expectations of the employees.

    Keyword Tracking
  • Assist in talent management:

    Textual conversations can be messy with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and other language nuances. NLP can act as a measure of talent management for organizations to identify employees with better communication skills.

  • Better customer experience:

    The NLP analytics help in resolving conflicts among employees leading to improved work-culture and employee engagement. Happier and more engaged employees are more productive adding to better customer experience.

  • Better work culture:

    The NLP feature helps the HR and the management to develop a better work culture through faster conflict resolution and encouraging transparent communication among employees.