NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Text Analysis
What is NLP?

It is a branch of artificial intelligence that is used to understand and analyze the language that human beings use while interacting with the computer, verbally or in form of writing.

How is NLP used in present business scenario?
Analyzing sentiments

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) detects and analyze human sentiments from the conversational data. It is a great way to evaluate the underlying emotions behind the conversation and raise a red flag on detection of rude or abusive comments or statements. It helps in evaluating employee behavior and maintaining the workplace etiquettes.

Customer Analytics

Natural Language Processing or NLP is an excellent customer analytic tool. It gives the business an insight into the customer’s taste and preferences. Recording verbal feedback from the customer and analyzing their voice gives the impression whether the customer is happy, satisfied, dissatisfied or angry with the product of services that they have received. This will help a business to overcome its lacks and ensure necessary steps are taken to aim 100% customer satisfaction.

Marketing Analytics

NLP is a great way to track the market and extract necessary information related to the current market trends, change of employments, deals, tenders and so on. These can be utilized to shape the required business strategies.

NLP also helps the product reach its right patron which is the goal of every business. The NLP algorithm analyses the keywords present in customer’s comment or feedback and helps a business to target the right customers or place the advertisements at the right place.

The benefits of Natural Language Processing in a nutshell
  • NLP assists a business in implementing augmented analytics with bare minimum training
  • It expands the enterprise-wide utilization of business intelligence through easy and intuitive tools
  • NLP opens easy-to-understand data repository within an organization which is more accessible and valuable.
  • Through NLP searches and queries and organization can achieve faster ROI and sustain low cost total ownership

At DEFTeam we are utilizing Natural Language Processing with business solutions to create intuitive enterprise-grade sentimental analytics, customer and predictive analytic tools that can integrate with an organization’s existing technological framework and work in a self-service environment with the requirement of minimum training.

DEFTeam has its own IPs using Python/R based NLP algorithms that can be customized to relevant business/technology use cases to get faster ramp up. To know more about NLP and its implementation, contact us today!