Modern Data Engineering

Unlocking value from BIG Data

At DEFTeam we build optimized Modern Data Engineering Solutions which help organizations in Data driven decision making as we work with both older on-premise ETL tools and Cloud specific serverless Python based tools for static and streaming data sources.

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DEFTeam Offerings
Designing and Implementing Data Lake

Laying foundation for decision making process by building data lake on cloud or on premise.

Built Data Pipelines

Built end to end production grade data pipeline from scratch using services provided by major cloud vendors and open source tools.

Data Governance & Operations

Implement enterprise policies. Monitor support and enable data access.

Why choose DEFTeam Solutions for Data Engineering Services?
Big Data solutions:

Data in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Telecom, Technology etc. sectors is growing beyond dealing capacity of the organizations and is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

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Majority of the organizations data is often unstructured, exists in silos (DBMSs) and resides legacy systems etc. integrating these heterogeneous data and factoring it in to advance analytics is critical to improve organizational outcomes.

Either because data are isolated in disparate or incompatible formats or due to the lack in processing capability to load and query large datasets in a timely fashion the organizations are not in a position to leverage the benefits of the vast data they have.

With convergence of advanced computing and numerous Big Data technological options like commercial solutions, Open Source, Cloud etc. it is now possible to attain high performance, scalability at a relatively low cost.

Big data solutions often come with set of innovative data management solutions and analytical tools, when effectively implemented can transform the healthcare outcomes.

DEFTeam enables source-systems integration using multiple middle-ware/ETL, both open-source or commercial softwares, with destination systems – On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud.

DEFTeam works with multiple platforms that unites data integration and governance to deliver trusted data to end users by performing.

  • Data integration
  • Data integrity and governance
  • Application and API integration
  • Data quality
  • Build for cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments
Data-Warehouse Solutions

Organizations need superior analytics for important decisions.

DEFTeam brings it all together with by building modern data warehouses which are either built on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments by performing.

  • Customer Engagement: Unify various and wide data sources to enhance customer engagement and business operations.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Used real-time IoT data to optimize product storage, transportation and delivery
  • Customer Experience: Multiplied take-up rate by multi-fold through more customized product offerings.
  • Customer Expenditure: Saving capital expenditures by shortened clinical trial cycles and improved equipment efficiency.
  • Product Development: Capitalize on years of research data to develop innovative new products.
Data Engineering Solutions
Financial services:
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DEFTeam data engineering solution helps customers make better business decisions, win and keep customers, and get a competitive edge while ensuring statutory regulations like GDPR and CCPA, PCI, RFPA, FRTB, MIFID II, and Sarbanes-Oxley and complex customer needs.

DEFTeam helps to integrate various data-sources to give 360° customer view to power better programs for customer outreach and engagement:

  • Market data
  • Social media feeds and
  • Real-time web analytics data
Pharma & Healthcare:

DEFTeam has developed personalized solutions for its customers on:

  • Pharma solutions & experiences
  • New market solutions – Design and Development
  • Data Privacy and Data Governance – Solutions to comply with industry standards
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360-degree customer view to deliver personalized KPIs and Metrics and build stronger relationships with field-force.
DEFTeam enables to channel the data to forecast field-force needs from notifications for medication, sales from PoS, seasonal changes and more.

Take advantage of data from any source:

  • Market Representatives data collection
  • IoT
  • Third-Party data providers – IQVIA/Prindex/IPSoS/etc.
  • Digital Platforms – ZoomUs/MailChimp/CRMs – Meetings/Webinars/Campaigns/etc.

DEFTeam ensures the security and availability of any data that goes in the cloud.

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Identify, use, and share sensitive data safely and securely, without risking patient/doctor privacy.
  • Comply with privacy and industry regulations, including HIPAA and GDPR.
Manufacturing & Operations:
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DEFTeam has designed and developed solutions that evaluate and show the operational effectiveness of equipments (OEE) by providing real-time visibility into data at organization level.

Enables integrating online and offline data from MES systems with ETL helps in more ways to communicate across manufacturing channels.

For better operational efficiency:

  • Blend historical and real-time sensor with external data and stage the data for analysing the trends.
  • Stage historical product, inventory, partner collaboration, and manufacturing equipment.
  • Collect massive data sets, and cleanse and prepare data.

Siloed and inaccurate data prevents organizations from running timely, targeted campaigns.

Internal data barriers always delays in making decisions while trying to protect the privacy of customers and integrating into a unified DWH.

DEFTeam enables marketing teams to channel the efforts to right direction by integrating data from various data sources like:

  • Digital Campaigns
  • Resource and Operation – Planning
  • Sales – Actuals
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Customer Engagement & Loyalty
  • CRM – Operational data
  • Account Details
  • Regional Distribution
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Data Engineering Services:

DEFTeam data engineering employs latest technologies to support any type of business needs under various verticals like:

  • Data Integration
  • Data Integrity and Governance
  • Data Quality
  • Application Integration
  • API Integration
  • Big Data Integration
  • Big Data Integrity and Governance
  • Cloud Integration – GCP/AWS/Azure/Snowflake/Cloudera/HortonWorks
  • Master Data Management
  • Real-Time Streaming
  • IoT

Disclaimer: We track your IP for better user experience but ensure complete security of your data.