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Microsoft ML Server Implementation Experts

DEFTeam has more than 6+ years of experience in implementing solutions related to Microsoft ML Server (formerly known as Revolution R). Our certified Analysts can discover insights from data-at-rest and data-in-motion

How can DEFTeam help you ?
Microsoft ML Server

SAS to R Conversion

DEFTeam helps clients in migrating SAS code to Microsoft R

Microsoft ML Server

Build Models

Build predictive models using Microsoft R and Python

Microsoft ML Server

Deploy Models

Deploy Predictive Models on cloud, In-hadoop, In-database and In-spark

Azure Microsoft ML Server

BI Integrations

Integrate your predictive models in Power BI or any existing BI tool.

Azure Microsoft Machine Learning Server

SQL R Services

Discover insights directly from SQL Server using R / Python without moving data

Microsoft ML Server


Build and deploy R / python scripts In Hadoop and in-Spark

Case Studies

SAS to R Conversion and R Editor

DEFTeam partnered with a leading bank and developed web-based R Editor and converted their existing SAS code to Microsoft R script.

As part of this engagement, a Java-based web application was build which utilized the APIs of Deploy R using the below features available in R-Editor.

  • Script Window
  • Terminal Window
  • Plot area
  • Managing Projects
  • Downloading and uploading files
  • Scheduling of R Scripts

Multiple users were able to login into Microsoft R Server using browser which helped in the full utilization of the server capacity. Various scripts written in SAS related to data preparation, data visualization, and predictive modeling were converted to R scripts using RevoScaleR library provided by Azure Microsoft ML Server.

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