Markers and Geographical Paths in Google Maps using Jaspersoft and Pentaho

Jaspersoft Report gives an interactive pixel perfect and ad-hoc based reports for the web, printer, and mobile devices. Jaspersoft and Pentaho use Google map marker to improve the maps which is an important KPI for Information Author. Updates of the actual map can be seen by millions of people in Google maps.

DEFTeam provides various extended functionalities of Google maps in Jasper and Pentaho Report servers. Google map marker allows you to add and update geographic information with various Traffic lighting and various kind of dynamic representations in any domain. Directional representation of path or navigation of any particular entity can be graphically plotted in Google maps. The path representation can be provided in various styles.

DEFTeam provides customized solutions based on Google maps with various extended features like multi-level drill down to the last granular level, dynamic screen adjustment of maps and customized input controls.

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