Jaspersoft Consulting Services
DEFTeam’s Jaspersoft Consultancy Service – Providing the best reporting & visualization solutions

Are you looking for adaptability, minimized risk and maximized return on investment to sustain this extremely competitive business scenario with dynamic reporting content? Jaspersoft is your cost-effective answer to all your reporting needs. We at DEFTeam solutions ensure that you extract optimum benefits from our full-enterprise Jaspersoft based business, data virtualization, reporting and analytics solutions.

Why DEFTeam for Jaspersoft Consulting?

We are a premium TIBCO/Analytic partner (TIBCO Jaspersoft Consulting Services and Spotfire). We have been working as the system integration, training and reseller partner (providing L1/L2 support) for last ten years and have implemented over 350+ end-to-end Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics projects for both ISVs and end customers – on-premise and on-cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP).

Our Jaspersoft Consultancy Service include Jaspersoft solution development(reports/dashboards/ad-hoc-templates/ETL/OLAP etc.) implementation services, creating data models, creating SSO on various authentication engines, white labelling and developing custom plugins to enhance the feature/functionality of Jaspersoft Consulting Services BI platform. DEFTeam supports both Jaspersoft Commercial and Community Editions.

Certified TIBCO Jaspersoft Training Partner

DEFTeam provides Instructor-led trainings on TIBCO Jaspersoft and TIBCO Spotfire with lecture, hands-on exercises and real-time scenarios. Training are conducted by certified professional on-site and on-demand

Here is a list of courses offered by DEFTeam:
  • Building Reports using TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft Server Essentials
  • TIBCO Jaspersoft Server Administration

Architecture Consulting

We have successfully deployed JasperReports Server in a variety of environments including but not limited to Private/Public Clouds, Hybrid Cloud Implementation, On-premises/Hybrid implementation, Integration with AD/LDAP and other User Directory services. We have carried out deployment in a federated system, SSO using NTLM/Kerberos, SAML protocols, integration with Cloud user directories, implementation of streaming data (near-real time), Structured and Unstructured data utilization, Multi-database switching based on logged-in users, Security Implementation in Jasper Reports Server, Third-Party application Integration and so on.

At DEFTeam, we believe that there are endless possibilities of using Jaspersoft Reports Server homogeneously with different systems and environments. We have nurtured our skills to design/enhance the architecture of various systems which host/implement Jasper Reports Serve.

Jaspersoft Kubernetes Deployment

DEFTeam helps Jaspersoft clients in deploying JasperReports Server on Kubernetes environment. Our Experts can deploy the Jasper solutions on-premise and on cloud(IBM Cloud, AWS and Azure). Deploying Jaspersoft in Kubernetes environment provides nearly zero downtime when deploying new versions. Containers helps Application to scale up and down based as the load.

What’s new with JasperReports with DEFTeam

Jaspersoft Server Upgradation

The Jaspersoft experts and application developers at DEFTeam have over a decade of experience of working with various versions of Jasper Reports right from 3.x to the latest version including all hot fixes. Our experts at DEFTeam have successfully upgraded the version 5.6x and even the earlier to the latest version that required multi-level upgradation, optimal planning of resources in Jasper Report server including additional customizations and Plug-ins. We have also effortlessly upgraded the JasperReports server commercial editions to the latest versions along with the Community edition of Jasper Reports server to commercial editions

Jaspersoft Conversion from other platforms

We at DEFTeam converted the below legacy system solution to Jaspersoft interactive and intuitive solution which helped customers achieve high ROI and accurate business decision making power.


Jaspersoft – Moving from on-premise to Cloud – Managed service

Businesses are preferring cloud-based managed systems over on-premises systems for running their BI solutions. But most of them are hesitant due to the risk involved in data migration and the business continuity during the migration. DEFTeam’s expertise in Managed Cloud Services helps in the lift and shift of the business and its processes from on-premises to the sophisticated cloud- environment without negligible risk of data loss or interruption of business. This helps to avoid hardware, scalability and management issues of the business solutions. DEFTeam has been working on all the leading Cloud Service Providers like AWS, MS Azure and Google Cloud to name a few since last few years successfully shifting and implementing various solutions.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

DEFTeam has customized plugins which can integrate effortlessly with the Jaspersoft Reporting Server and utilize the data from various data sources to create dynamic reporting contents, 3D charts, dashboard filters and many more. Some of DEFTeams’ custom plugins are mentioned below.

  • Leaflet Map library in Ad-hoc view

    DEFTeam has successfully implemented Maps in Jaspersoft Ad-hoc Domain. We provide two Mapping Engines integration i.e. Google maps and Leaflet maps (no internet access required).

    Leaflet Maps
  • Leaflet Map library in Ad-hoc view

    ArcGIS maps are the widely used GIS maps. ArcGIS connects maps, apps, data, and people so you can make smarter,faster decisions. It gives everyone in your organization the ability to discover, use, make, and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime.

    DEFTeam has successfully created an ArcGIS map plugin which is easily plugged into Jaspersoft Report Designer studio and design a chart with dynamic data. These charts can be published and viewed in JasperReports Server supporting all export formats and Jasper out of box functionalities.

    ArcGIS Map
  • Slider Input Control

    DEFTeam introduced an easy way to use custom Input Control called ‘Slider’ to select a Range of Values and populate the data accordingly.

    Slider Input Control
  • Custom Multi-select IC

    DEFTeam has created custom input controls like Collapsible Multi-select with Search Functionality, Slider providing users more flexibility in selecting values. We also have built functionality to conditionally show and hide input controls.

  • Dashboard Custom Print/Email/Export Features

    DEFTeam have added Print, Email and Export functionality in Dashboard. A Jaspersoft Custom Plugins report can be printed directly from a Dashboard. This functionality of Jasper Plugins saves a lot of time and effort.

    Dashboard Custom
  • Jasper Reports into Spring MVC

    DEFTeam has successfully Integrated Jasper Reports into Spring MVC web application using the Jasper API and embedded all the out of box features of Jasper.

DEFTeam’s Jaspersoft reporting solutions and their utilization is various business sectors (Case Study)

DEFTeam has been working with Jaspersoft since 2010 and has implemented 300+ roll outs that include multiple embedding of Jaspersoft in ISV products, creating SSO and white labeling. Similarly we have implemented Jaspersoft in various industry verticals like Banking, Insurance, Logistics and transportation, Telecom, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing (auto, process), healthcare and various government institutions across North America, Middle East, Europe, Far East and Indian subcontinent in multiple languages. Some case studies are available for review:

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