Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Versioning control :

DEFTeam has integrated Jaspersoft Custom Plugins with Versioning control software like CVS and SVN. We have built a Jasper Plugins which is easy to install and easy to use and so it becomes easy to manage versioning of Jasper repository.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Custom Orson Chart Component :

Orson Charts is a 3D chart library for the Java platform that can generate a wide variety of 3D charts for use in client-side (JavaFX and Swing) and server-side applications. Powerful and yet very easy to use, Orson Charts is the perfect tool to provide intuitive and interactive visualizations to your users.

DEFTeam has created a Stacked Bar 3D Orson chart with x,y,z series Plug-in component within Jaspersoft Custom Plugins Studio View charts in Jasper Plugins Reports Server. These plugged-in charts support all the out of box features of Jasper i.e. export formats like PDF, Word, Excel etc. Report Scheduling output, Internationalization, Dataset support, export/import etc.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Custom ArcGIS map component :

ArcGIS maps are the widely used GIS maps. ArcGIS connects maps, apps, data, and people so you can make smarter, faster decisions. It gives everyone in your organization the ability to discover, use, make, and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime.

DEFTeam has successfully created an ArcGIS map plugin which is easily plugged into Jaspersoft Report Designer studio and design a chart with Dynamic data. These charts can be published and viewed in JasperReports Server supporting all export formats and Jasper out of box functionalities.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Dynamic D3 charts :

D3 is extremely fast, supporting large datasets and dynamic behaviors for interaction and animation. DEFTeam embedded the most popular Javascript charting engine D3.js in an open source BI Tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho and created a Dashboard with the combination of Multiple interactive and multi-level drill down animated D3 charts.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Markers On Geographical paths :

DEFTeam provides various extended functionalities of Google maps in Jaspersoft and Pentaho BI Tools. Google map marker allows you to add and update geographic information with various Traffic lighting and various kind of dynamic representations. Directional representation of path or navigation of any particular entity are graphically plotted in Google maps.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Custom Save/ Retrieve Dashboard filters :

DEFTeam provides a custom functionality of saving views for any dashboards of Jaspersoft Custom Plugins and retrieve them for future references.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Slider Input Control :

DEFTeam introduced an easy way to use custom Input Control called ‘Slider’ to select a Range of Values and populate the data accordingly.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins,Jasper Plugins

Custom Multi-select Input control :

DEFTeam has created custom input controls like Collapsible Multi-select with Search Functionality, Slider providing users more flexibility in selecting values. We also have built functionality to conditionally show and hide input controls.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Dashboard Custom Print/Email/Export Features :

DEFTeam have added Print, Email and Export functionality in Dashboard. A Jaspersoft Custom Plugins report can be printed directly from a Dashboard. This functionality of Jasper Plugins saves a lot of time and effort.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Clustering & Load Balancing :

In order to deploy Jasper Plugins Reports Server in a production environment with high-availability, scalable and fault-tolerant service and provide uninterrupted services to Clients without any fail or Downtime, DEFTeam has successfully implemented Jaspersoft Custom Plugins and served its customers with an ideal solution of Load Balancing of Jasper Server Repository with Database Clustering.

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Jasper Reports into Spring MVC :

DEFTeam has successfully Integrated Jasper Reports into Spring MVC web application using the Jasper API and embedded all the out of box features of Jasper.

Leaflet Map library in Ad-hoc view :

DEFTeam has successfully implemented Maps in Jaspersoft Ad-hoc Domain. We provide two Mapping Engines integration i.e. Google maps and Leaflet maps (no internet access required).

Jaspersoft Custom Plugins

Custom Ad-hoc functionality to Ad-hoc views and Domain :

DEFTeam has Implemented Custom Plug-in to Jasper’s out of the box Ad-hoc analysis behavior and plugged-in the custom functionality to make the Domain understand the Optional and Dependent Joins, Evaluate the custom expression, bind within the security, optimized query generators etc.