IP Enabled Services

Are you looking to build an advanced analytical platform but have limited time to address issues related to time-to-market? We can help you with our ready IP based customizable platforms which will be leveraging the labor arbitrage for customization and continuous management to address the changing demand of your users. DEFTeam has more than a decade’s experience in designing advanced analytics solutions using Python, R, implementing Big Data and Visualization (UI/UX using React.js) solutions for multiple business verticals – on-cloud (using DevOps) and on-premise.

We at DEFTeam offer you ready IP Enabled Services based analytic platforms using these trending technologies:

  • Blockchain

    DEFTeam has simplified supply chain management with blockchain technology. Monitoring shipments, freight documentation, payment proceedings have become even more secure, easy and transparent with our platform based on the blockchain technology.

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    Simplified Supply Chain
  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) & Text Analytics

    Utilizing the NLP and text analytic technology DEFTeam has designed intuitive sentimental and tone analysis, customer and predictive analytics platform for enterprises to extract useful data for better understanding of the customers and markets

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    NLP and Text Analytics
  • Digital workplace and gamification platform

    At DEFTeam we ensure that you have a completely engaged and productive workforce. Our digital workplace and gamified solutions help the employees to connect on a common platform to acknowledge and help peers. For their actions within the platforms, they can score points and win badges which impacts their appraisal.

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  • Voice-enabled Chatbot

    The voice-enabled chatbot is a conversational interface that communicates with the user without any human intervention. The experts at DEFTeam have designed the voice-enabled chatbot for an improved user experience that on its turn enhances the rate of customer conversion.

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  • Stream Analytics and IoT Integration

    At DEFTeam, we have developed a hardware agonistic stream analytics platform for monitoring, managing and analyzing live-streaming data offering idle time management, live alerts, geo-fencing, live route, and hazardous route alerts.

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  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility platform

    DEFTeam’s Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform(RTTVP) is exclusively meant for supply chain management. This platform offers real-time insight into the consignments through alerts and notifications via SMS, emails, etc. providing the best customer experience.

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DEFTeam’s IP enabled services to have three delivery models:

  • Complete Ownership (BOT)

    We design the platform based upon your business/technology use case(s) and then offer you the complete ownership of the ready product. You own the new platform and manage it.

  • Managed Services

    In this mode, DEFTeam designs and customizes the solution for you, based upon your business/technology use case(s); you have the ownership, but the platform is continuously managed by us.

  • SAAS

    We provide a SAAS offering by customizing the respective platform to your needs where you can use the software as a service where the ownership and management completely rest with us and you can buy subscriptions for using it on our cloud-hosted environment (Azure).

For more information on our IP enabled services and modes of offering, contact us today.