IoT and Stream Analytics

Stream Analytics and IoT Integration

Stream analytics allows organization to compute real-time data streaming from applications, social media, websites, devices, sensors etc.

At DEFTeam we design stream analytic platform for monitoring, managing and analyzing live-streaming data. Our stream analytic platforms are based on vendor independent IoT technology that provides real-time alerts and visualization to identify, improve and utilize the KPIs of a business. We have stream analytics with SAAS offerings that integrate easily with your existing technological infrastructure at a minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Our stream analytic platform is IoT hardware agnostic and does not require any special adaptations. It connects to any IOT device via API connectivity, protocol connectivity or file transfer. A mobile, both android/IOS can be used as an IoT device to utilize our stream analytic platform.

Here are some key features of our Stream Analytic Platform
  • Idle time management and live alerts
  • Overriding automated actions in real time
  • Live Geo-fencing alerts
  • Live route deviation alerts
  • Hazardous route alerts

How can our stream analytic platform help your business?

  • Streaming analytics for cybersecurity:

    The stream analytics platform can be utilized to identify anomalous behavior and raise red flags. Alerts and visualization on cyber threat detection can initiate faster resolution without the need to involve security experts or trained professionals.

  • Retail sector alerts:

    The retail sector can also benefit from the stream analytic platform where alerts can be raised on scenarios like low inventory or high customer traffic.

  • Supply chain management:

    DEFTeam has designed an innovative product, myLOGISTICZ, exclusively for the supply chain management business. myLOGISTICZ uses the stream analytics and IoT technology to provide alerts and visualization, specific to consignment tracking.

    To know more about how DEFTeam can assist you in incorporating real-time analytics on streaming data into your business ecosystem to extract higher productivity, get in touch with us today!