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A Heatmap Chart in Power BI Visuals is a two-dimensional chart that uses color to represent data. It is used to identify patterns in large amounts of data. The color of each grid element in the Heatmap Chart is based on the value in the corresponding cell in the underlying data table. Heatmap Charts can be used to visualize correlations between different data points and can be used to compare across different categories and timeframes.

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Using the Heatmap custom visual in Power BI can help business users to
  • Identify correlations and trends in their data
  • Allow them to make better decisions
  • Also help them to identify areas of improvement and optimize their operations

The Heatmap custom visual is a great tool for business users to gain insights from their data.

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Hierarchical Heatmap visuals features developed by DEFTeam
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How is Heatmap visual  Priced
  • Heatmap visual is licensed per user per month basis.
Can I use Clustered Stacked Bar chart in Organization Custom Visual Repository?
  • We strongly recommend to install Heatmap visual  in Organization Custom Visual Repository.
  • This feature allows users to get access to custom visual and receive the updates automatically when uploaded by Power BI Admin.​
How to report issues for Clustered Stacked Bar Chart?
What if DEFTeam stops operating?
  • We are here to stay. In an unlikely event DEFTeam will release the source code of the Heatmap visual​.
Can we get perpetual license?
  • No currently we do not provide perpetual license. However if number of users are greater then 10000 then you can contact sales@defteam.com for more details.
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