Digital Workspace and Gamification

Understanding the concept of digital workspace and gamified platform

Digital Workspace

Like your office workspace, digital workspace is your virtual work area where you can share business applications and collaboration tools to interact with your colleagues.

Digital Workspace
Benefits of a digital workspace
  • Keep employees connected:

    The digital workspace keeps employees connected regardless of their location. They can communicate, seek help and acknowledge the efforts of their colleagues through this virtual workplace.

  • Improves employee engagement:

    A digital workspace increases employee engagement. They feel as the part of the same team even if they may be diversely located. They feel trusted and engaged and hence have improved productivity.

  • Revenue Growth:

    Improved employee interaction, engagement and productivity add to the company’s bottom line.

Gamified Platforms

The concept of gamification is based on scoring points and earning merit badges. Business solutions can be gamified for better employee engagement. The employees can score points and win merit badges for certain actions they take using the solutions.

Benefits of gamified platforms
  • Improve employee engagement:

    The gamified platform improves employee engagement. The employees develop interest in using the platform, earn points and win badges which can eventually impact their appraisal process. A sense of healthy competition starts developing among the employees which motivates them to work and become more productive.

  • Allows to induce innovation:

    Through gamification, a company can induce innovation into their processes. A game-based platform for skill development and learning, complements the growth of the employee and the business.

  • Improves company’s image:

    Gamification improves the image of the company in front of its existing workers and the potential workforce looking to join. Gamified processes appear interesting and are easy to understand and work with. Employees love working in a company that offers them an engaging and interesting platform to work on.

DEFTeam offering digital workspaces and gamified platform for businesses

At DEFTeam, we are offering intuitive solutions with digital workspace and gamified platforms for businesses lacking in employee engagement. The digital workspace helps an employee to interact and work in coordination, irrespective of their location. The gamified platforms ensure the employees are attracted towards the solutions. These solutions are transforming employees into a highly engaged and productive workforce resulting in driving higher ROI.

This platform is a DEFTeam IP and can be customized to relevant business/technology use cases to get faster ramp up .To know more about our solutions with integrated digital workspace and gamified platforms, contact us today!