DEFTeam’s Standard Features

Visualization Mock-up’s of Other standard features

  • Save Retrieve

    The functionality of Save / Retrieve is implemented in the dashboard to allow users to save the selected Input control values with a unique name and then retrieve the past selections by selecting the previously saved selections name from Retrieve drop down list. This enables user to retrieve the dashboard with saved input controls and dashboard will appear with the previously selected list of Input options. This also helps to save time when a dashboard has more than 10 input controls.

    Save Retrieve
  • Share Dashboard

    DEFTeam also facilitates users to share the Dashboard with desired dashlets (Reports), which helps the users to discuss with their peers when and where necessary. This can be achieved by annotating the captured dashboard and save it as PDF/JPEG and thus can be shared via Email. Recipients can access this annotated dashboard for further communication.

    Share Dashboard
  • Cross filter feature

    Cross filter feature facilitates let to dashlet interaction in a dashboard. On selection of vehicle number in “Load Unload Time per Vehicle” dashlet, filters data in remaining dashlets of the dashboard for that selected vehicle number

    Cross Filter Feature
  • Export of Dashboards

    Export functionality of dashboards facilitates users to save the dashboard as PDF/JPEG and share the information thus reducing the human effort and time.

  • Breadcrumbs

    We have developed this by introducing Drill down, drill through in a dashboard known as Breadcrumbs in which one can drilldown from Segment to Client list.

  • Custom Multi-select IC

    To provide flexibility to user to view all the drill downs, detailed report information in one page rather than multiple browser pages/tabs, DEFTeam has created a component “Multi-layered Dashboard”.

  • Clustering & Load Balancing

    We have introduced this to deploy DDC in a production environment with high-availability, scalable and fault-tolerant service and provide uninterrupted services to Clients without any fail over or Downtime.

    Clustering & Load Balancing
  • Orson Chart Component

    Orson Charts is a 3D chart library for the Java platform that can generate a wide variety of 3D charts for use in client-side (java FX and Swing) and server-side applications. Powerful and yet easy to use, Orson charts is the perfect tool to provide intuitive and interactive visualizations to users. We have created a stacked bar 3D Orson chart with X, Y, Z series integrated with DDC. This plugged-in chart supports all features like Exports, Scheduling, Internationalization, Export/Import, Utility, etc.

    Orson Chart

For more information on the DEFTeam’s Dashboard Component (DDC) and know how can it efficiently provide an answer to your reporting requirements, contact us today.

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