DEFTeam’s Dashboard Component
DEFTeam’s Dashboard Component (DDC) – Why do you need it?

If you tired of paying hefty fees to vendors for just doing reporting and visualization on core/user basis, you need to look at DDC (DEFTeam’s Dashboard Component) – a support only reporting (pixel perfect) and dashboarding solution that does not charge on the user/core basis. So, you get to use DDC on unlimited basis under the support agreement without any pressure of paying more for increased users as you grow.

We understand that more than 90% of the Business Intelligence is based upon production ready reports and dashboards that could be drilled down on multiple levels to slice and dice the data on user access basis. DDC provides connectivity to a large set of databases and can scale up to terabytes of data marts. DDC support also covers all the solutions that are developed by us. DEFTeam Dashboard Component solution provides an answer to your data analytics, reports and dashboard requirement.

Reports & Dashboards
Understanding DEFTeam’s Dashboard Component

DDC is a custom dashboard plug-in, i.e. a data visualization component that combines reports, graphical indicators, charts, KPIs on a single screen and display a consolidated view of summaries of information to the end-users at-a-glance allowing them to export the whole dashboard or its individual dashlets to distinct file formats viz PDF, Excel, CSV, DOCX etc.

Understanding DDC

DDC is compatible with Windows, Linux and MAC OS X and have the key features like

  1. Custom & Dynamic Dashboard
  2. Dashboard Management
  3. Available in multiple languages (Hindi, Arabic etc)
  4. Interactive Data Exploration
  5. Data Visualization
  6. NRT data with auto-refresh
Business benefits of DDC

DDC component provides benefits to both business and IT users that enable self-service BI for organizations of all sizes. Key benefits of the DDC include:

  1. Full-featured Dashboards.
  2. Flexible web-based architecture you can embed inside your application using secured Single Sign On (SSO).
  3. Support only model that allows additional users, cores or instances at no extra cost.
  4. Full technical support from our experts to ensure hassle free end-user experience.
Offers Unlimited Users
The features of DDC

At DEFTeam we have designed visualizations with DDC components.

Visualization Mock-Ups of Charting Engines

We have created visualization mock-ups with DDC component using various types of charting engines.

  • Dynamic D3 charts

    D3 is an extremely fast, supporting large datasets and dynamic behaviours for interaction and animation. We have embedded the most popular JavaScript charting engine “D3.js” and created a dashboard with the combination of multiple interactive and multi-level drill down animated D3 charts.

    Dynamic D3 Charts
  • High Charts/HTML 5 Charts

    We have embedded different widgets available in HTML/High charts library. We have also developed a functionality of Zoom in and Zoom out.

    High Charts
  • Fusion Charts

    Fusion Charts Suite XT is an interactive JavaScript charts for web, mobile and enterprise applications. Using the JavaScript API of each chart, TIBCO JRS provides lot more functionalities like client-side data updates, updating individual parameters, exporting charts as PDFs, creating multi-level drill-down.

    Fusion Charts

Visualization Mock-Ups of Mapping Engines

We have created visualization mock-ups with DDC component using various types of charting engines.

  • Google Maps

    We have integrated the Google Map that can show the shipping status with different colored markers indicating the source and the destination and lines to represent the Airline routes. The Google Map also supports numerous levels of drill down.

    Google Maps
  • Leaflet Maps

    We have integrated the Leaflet Map that forms a cluster of the markers and shows the number of items in each cluster, and as we zoom it adjusts the clusters based on the current view. This not only makes the map easier for the user to understand, it’s also efficiently displays the huge data points on a map.

    Leaflet Map Leaflet Map

Custom Visualizations Developed by DEFTeam

We have developed some customized visualizations which can be altered depending on the client’s requirement.

  • Multi-layered Drill down

    To provide flexibility to user to view all the drill downs, detailed report information in one page rather than multiple browser pages/tabs, DEFTeam has created a component “Multi-layered Dashboard”.

    Drill Down
  • Interactivity in Reports – Comment and Chat

    Interactivity in reports allows users to communicate through comments that can be inserted in the report. Inserted comments need to be saved for communication purpose. It displays the chronological order of the comments inserted which are useful for testing.

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Visualization Mock-up’s of Standard Plug-ins

  • Save Retrieve

    The functionality of Save / Retrieve is implemented in the dashboard to allow users to save the selected Input control values with a unique name and then retrieve the past selections by selecting the previously saved selections name from Retrieve drop down list. This enables user to retrieve the dashboard with saved input controls and dashboard will appear with the previously selected list of Input options. This also helps to save time when a dashboard has more than 10 input controls.

    Save Retrieve
  • Share Dashboard

    DEFTeam also facilitates users to share the Dashboard with desired dashlets (Reports), which helps the users to discuss with their peers when and where necessary. This can be achieved by annotating the captured dashboard and save it as PDF/JPEG and thus can be shared via Email. Recipients can access this annotated dashboard for further communication.

    Share Dashboard
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