DEFTeam’s Custom Visualizations

Custom Visualizations Developed by DEFTeam

We have developed some customized visualizations which can be altered depending on the client’s requirement.

  • Multi-layered Drill down

    To provide flexibility to user to view all the drill downs, detailed report information in one page rather than multiple browser pages/tabs, DEFTeam has created a component “Multi-layered Dashboard”.

    Drill Down
  • Interactivity in Reports – Comment and Chat

    Interactivity in reports allows users to communicate through comments that can be inserted in the report. Inserted comments need to be saved for communication purpose. It displays the chronological order of the comments inserted which are useful for testing.

  • Drill Through on Mouse Hover

    This dashboard provides flexibility to user to view drill down report on mouse hover on the main report. For example, on a dashboard, mouse hover on a State may navigate to a drill down report appearing as a pop-up to give the detailed report for that state.

    Drill Through
  • Google Motion Charts

    We have integrated Google Motion Charts which shows multi-variable changes over time. It is basically a motion chart which shows moving re-presentation by time.

    Google Motion Charts
  • Tabs in Dashboard

    The DDC has multiple tabs on the dashboard. Multiple tabs may have multiple views.

    Tabs in Dashboard
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