DEFTeam Connect R Overview

Integrating R with Jaspersoft’s JasperReportServer using RevoDeployR Server Background

Case Study Overview:

About Client:

BI provides business users with reporting and analytics solutions to make data-driven decisions. While Predictive Analytics helps users to understand trends based on historical data through statistical models and machine learning algorithms. Many businesses would like to enable both reporting, predictive models and custom visualizations for the growing on-demand analytics.

Industry: Miscellaneous


DEFTeam understood the growing need for predictive models integrated with different systems and results displayed on a Dashboard. DEFTeam knew R is a powerful language for creating predictive analytics, implemented it with Single Sign On, retrieved r visualizations from DEFTeamConnectR Java Library, JasperReportsServer and RevoDeployR. Some of the key results include:

  • Custom visualization using R on Jaspersoft’s JasperReporter Server.
  • Built visualizations on Big Data.
  • Unlocked sentiments from unstructured data.

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