DEFTeam offers End to End BI

The term “Business Intelligence or End to End BI Solutions ” was first coined by IBM researcher Hans Luhn in 1958, and then used in its modern sense in 1989 by then Gartner analyst Howard Dresner. It’s a term which we use in our daily business and are so accustomed to it now. But what exactly End to End BI Solutions means. Many people get confused in BI and they think that BI means IT or data mining etc. The primordial meaning of BI was to implement intelligence in our business to get the best out of it. This intelligence can be derived from the human mind or by using computers. As the decades passed by data kept on increasing and we needed tools to analyze the data and get information out of it. Manual interpretation and analysis were not at all possible. Hence it came in and established BI by bringing in software, tools that would load the data, analyze it and process it to give us the right information in a timely manner. End to End BI Solutions helps in understanding our market and also helps in making decisions. The sole purpose of End to End BI Solutions is to increase our revenue, organize our processes and give the right information to make intelligent decisions. BI Market is basically divided into 2 parts. One is Open source BI and another is Proprietary BI. Open source markets include tools like Jaspersoft, BIRT, Pentaho etc. Proprietary BI has many vendors like Microsoft, MicroStrategy, Tableau, QlikTech, SAP, OBIEE, IBM Cognos etc.

End to End BI Solutions

We at DEFTeam are market leaders in providing Open source BI and Predictive analytics. We understand that not all companies can avail of proprietary tools which have a starting cost of approximately 1 million USD. DEFTeam caters to all organizations who don’t want to spend million’s of dollars for BI but yet do not want to compromise on quality and performance. We bring the best of open source and deliver a viable solution in terms of ROI. We provide consulting services & support for an “end-to-end” custom Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics solution based on your business requirements. We utilize open source technology, in-memory BI, and analytical tools to architect a solution that utilizes “best of breed” features of various tools and tames structured and unstructured “Big Data” to provide a lower TCO but a feature-rich solution. We offer a global delivery model that leverages labor arbitrage which can be tailored to achieve 100% offshore/offsite delivery.

DEFTeam is a Red Herring Global 100 company for 2011 and Asia top 100 finalists in 2010 in providing End to End BI Solutions. To get more information, pl. visit or write to us

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