Banking and Information Technology Overview

Find out how a world leader in ATM management solutions improved revenue generation and ROI

Case Study Overview:

About Client:

Our client is one of the leading providers of multi-vendor ATM software for global banking and financial service companies, and the largest POS for hospitality and retail. The client works with the largest banks across the world; owns, runs, manages, and modernizes ATM management solutions for the customers.


The client engaged DEFTeam on multiple fronts to address various needs their banks’ business objectives created and helped them achieve a better customer experience. DEFTeam presented a cost-savings model that not just reduced operational costs exponentially, but had offered greater visibility into managing, monitoring, and maintaining ATMs. Key results:

  • Improvised CX and better delivery on customer expectations.
  • Helped make informed decisions on strategic issues using current and historical performance.
  • Business-driven prioritization of fault resolutions.
  • Increased ATMs uptime and efficiency.
  • Increased customer retention rate, won new customers and generated new income.
  • Improved revenue generation and achieved maximum ROI.

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