Java, known for its extreme user-friendliness and flexibility, was developed in the early 1990s and is still one of the most used programming languages that continue to enjoy its popularity and widespread. According to The PYPL Popularity of Programming Language, worldwide Feb 2023 compared to a year ago, Java is the second most popular programming[…]

Here’s a detailed review for you! Are you looking for a simple-to-understand guide to execute functions in parallel using Python? In this article, we covered the basics of parallel programming in Python, benefits of parallelization, Python parallel threads, types of parallel processing in Python and Python functions with examples. The major advantage of Python parallelization[…]

May 2019

The term “Business Intelligence or End to End BI Solutions ” was first coined by IBM researcher Hans Luhn in 1958, and then used in its modern sense in 1989 by then Gartner analyst Howard Dresner. It’s a term which we use in our daily business and are so accustomed to it now. But what[…]

Nov 2018

Collaborative BI or Collaborative Business Intelligence enables business users to query, report and apply advanced Collaborative analytics; though it is known fact that each of the above has their own limitations and often it is difficult to uncover information on cause and the impact of business problems and the corrective actions that could be taken.[…]

Oct 2018

iReport Template designer is a tool to make Jasper reports. Lot of us use default templates for creating reports. We might have barely noticed that custom report template is also available. In this blog, we will walk you through on “ Creating a Custom Report Template in iReport ”. An iReport template is a predefined[…]

Embedding BI is the process of adding rich data visualization and manipulation to an application by leveraging Jaspersoft’s BI suite in the design and coding of an application. All of the following can be achieved by embedding Jaspersoft BI: 1. Reports that run on demand with output in your application or delivered in a file.[…]

Oct 2018

Bar charts are the most commonly used charts in Business Intelligence reports and Dashboards. They are useful in summarizing the categorical variables or qualitative variables where the length of the bar is directly proportional to the value they represent. This post is one of many posts related to best practices in Data Visualization Solutions. In[…]

Oct 2018

A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) for an organization. Dashboards consolidate and arrange facts, metrics, and performance KPI’s on a single screen. A business intelligence dashboard is a tool which is easy to read, often single page, real-time user interface,[…]

Oct 2018

Jaspersoft Report gives an interactive pixel perfect and ad-hoc based reports for the web, printer, and mobile devices. Jaspersoft and Pentaho use Google map marker to improve the maps which is an important KPI for Information Author. Updates of the actual map can be seen by millions of people in Google maps. DEFTeam provides various[…]

Oct 2018

Need to adopt Business Intelligence (BI) by the organizations to make smarter, faster and informed decisions is increasing with the increased competition. Thanks to the challenging economic environment that led to the advent of Business Intelligence into the array of IT Solutions. Access to information is what gives companies a competitive edge and allows them[…]