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Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

At DEFTeam, we specialize in providing advanced analytics and data science solutions, harnessing the expertise of our skilled resources in Python, R, SAS, AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. Our team is dedicated to delivering actionable insights and driving data-driven decision-making for our clients.

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Cloud Data Storage and Management

We assist in setting up robust cloud-based data storage solutions using AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage. Our team ensures efficient data organization, access controls, and data governance to maintain data integrity and security.

Data Transformation and Processing

Using cloud-native tools such as AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory, and Google Cloud Dataflow, we enable seamless data transformation and processing workflows. We handle data ingestion, cleansing, and transformation, ensuring the data is in a usable format for analysis.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

DEFTeam leverages AWS SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning, and Google Cloud AutoML to build sophisticated machine learning models. Our team employs algorithms like neural networks, decision trees, random forests, and gradient boosting to extract actionable insights and make predictions.

Data Visualization and Reporting

We create visually appealing and interactive dashboards using tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Tibco Spotfire, Grafana, Jaspersoft and SAS Visual Analytics.

Big Data Analytics and Processing

We harness the scalability and processing capabilities of AWS EMR, Azure Synapse, and Google Cloud Dataproc to handle large-scale data analysis. DEFTeam is proficient in distributed computing frameworks like Apache Spark (including Databricks), enabling efficient processing and analysis of big data.

Real-time Data Streaming and Analytics

We utilize AWS Kinesis, Azure Event Hubs, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub to enable real-time data streaming and processing. Our team implements real-time analytics solutions to derive insights from streaming data sources, enabling timely decision-making.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our NLP capabilities empower organizations to extract valuable information from unstructured data sources like text documents, social media feeds, and customer reviews. We employ techniques like sentiment analysis, topic modelling, text classification, and named entity recognition to derive meaningful insights.


We assist in formulating an MLOps strategy tailored to your organization’s needs, outlining the necessary steps and technologies required to streamline your model deployment processes.

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Workflow and Pipeline Design
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Model Deployment and Automation
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Monitoring and Performance Optimization
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Security and Compliance
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Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)
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Training and Knowledge Transfer
ChatGPT Integration

DEFTeam excels in assisting clients with the seamless implementation of ChatGPT services, revolutionizing their customer support and engagement. By harnessing the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT model, DEFTeam enables businesses to deliver personalized and interactive conversational experiences to their customers. Their expertise lies in understanding client requirements, fine-tuning the model, and integrating it seamlessly into existing platforms or applications.

Case Studies
SAS to Python/R conversion

DEFTeam’ experienced data scientists and developers meticulously planned the conversion process. They began by identifying the key functionalities and modules utilized in the existing SAS system. Then, they thoroughly researched the corresponding libraries and packages in Python to replicate the required functionalities.

During the conversion, DEFTeam ensured data integrity by accurately transferring the SAS data structures, tables, and variables into Python’s equivalent formats.

Successful conversion from SAS to Python by DEFTeam saved their client millions of dollars

Drug Recommendation

Market share and profits get eroded with increase in competition and commoditizing of generic products. Retail pharmacy analytics can help in understanding needs of customers and which products drive financial performance.

Retails pharmacy analytics can also help in figuring out which products are slow or fast moving. Slow moving product in one pharmacy could be fast moving on other pharmacy.

So, we need to build drug recommendation engine for each pharmacy so that MR can build their strategies accordingly.

Approach: Sales related data was provided for each pharmacy. Data also contained information for each drug, geography, MR etc.

After preparing the data recommendation engine was build using R.

Crawling 1 million products

In this use case data was crawled from different websites using python. Output of the crawled data was stored in database. Dataset was created after crawling more than 1 million pages. The dataset extracted was used for further analysis by client.

Why Choose DEFTeam?

Skilled Resources: Our team comprises highly skilled professionals proficient in Python, R, and SAS, ensuring the use of best-in-class tools and techniques.

Customized Solutions: We understand that each client has unique requirements. Hence, we tailor our solutions to address your specific business needs.

Holistic Approach: Our team takes a holistic approach, combining statistical analysis, machine learning, and data visualization to provide comprehensive insights.

Data Security: We prioritize data security and adhere to industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Timely Delivery: We value your time. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality results within agreed-upon timelines.

Partner with DEFTeam to leverage the power of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud for advanced analytics and data sciences. Contact us today to discuss your cloud-based analytics needs and embark on your data-driven journey!
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