Actian Vectorwise Consulting

Actian Vector (Vectorwise) Implementation Services

Actian Vector is also known as Vectorwise. Actian Vectorwise is a high-performance vectorized columnar analytic database that has a relational database engine well designed for inferring high Performance analytics. DEFTeam has been actively implementing Actian Vectorwise Consulting Services for numerous clients.

Actian Vector or Vectorwise has the capabilities of handling high-performance features, advanced level CPUs like vectorization and large chip caches.


Actian Vector or Vectorwise is known for delivering faster data processing results, as it is extensively used for storing and processing SQL queries in the real-time business analytics. Also vectorwise enhances queries without any requirement for any external hardware.

Once with the merger of Vectorwise with Ingres, Ingres entered into the Data Warehouse Market with VectorWise. Vectorwise being an opensource and can run on low End machines/servers have been suitable for small to large companies.

Switching from Ingres to Ingres-Vectorwise will be a smooth transition as porting existing Cognos or business objects reports is a simple task.

Like to explore new database technology for your data warehousing? Looking for a Design and Implementation of Modern Column-Oriented Database Systems for your organization. Look no further, contact DEFTeam Solutions to know more about Actian Vectorwise Implementation.