Quiz on Best practices in Data Visualization

1) List all the possible combinations for drawing a scatterplot for given data

2) Your Manager has asked you to make a presentation which will showcase to more than 100 people. Which color palette would be more appropriate for the given audience.

3) Which color palette would you choose for making heatmap?

4) For the given data which chart type would you choose

5) Do you think 3D charts should be used in Data Visualization?

Answers are given below.
1) A scatterplot is drawn between two quantitative variables. So combinations is – Age&Weight,Age&TestScore1, Weight&TestScore1

2) Option B. 10-12% of the people are colorblind. So we have to choose color palette which is color blind friendly.

3) Option A.

4) Horizontal Column chart.

5) 3D Charts are not preferred as they are hard to read and interpret.

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