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TIBCO Spotfire is a true example of quality and class of visualization tool; which helps in making informed decisions or decisions for betterment of business in near future, predict or forecast business KPIs, get the essential insights from complex data so that opportunities are never missed, to know where the business is leading and many more……

Compared to other visualization tools available in the market, TIBCO Spotfire provides more flexibility, scalability and is more viable for any size of organization. It creates data analysis within no time and at the click of a button , one can see how does the data look in different dimensions and select the most impactful representation and share it with peers or business users organization wide.

TIBCO Spotfire is best fit for future BI trends where user is going to be more interested in self-service BI than canned reports(Pixel perfect/fixed reports) and dashboards, Predictive analysis which tells user WHAT TO DO and not just what is going to happen, powerful, simple and cost effective tools and BI for everyone (Democratized BI).

TIBCO Spotfire outperforms every other tool in market in the following ways in terms of features:
  • Capacity to handle enormous amount of data and different data sets– Spotfire can handle right from tiny flat files to BIG data, HADOOP and can handle any amount of data which has no limit (provided powerful hardware support)
  • In-Memory, In-Database analysis makes it unique and faster than any other visualization tool in market
  • Simple and Seamless UI lets data scientists and analysts build analytics application for end users or business users
  • Deployment – From small to large corporations
  • Automation Services can send reports at scheduled intervals, take and save snap of data/visualization when certain event occurs or it can trigger an action based on a particular action/requirement
  • Scalability factor makes it even more productive
  • ‘Work offline’ allows user to work and create visualization without having to connect to server; when server is up and running user can connect and deploy analysis on server. This extraordinary feature comes handy when user is travelling and not able to connect to server or server itself is not up and running.
  • Bookmarks and Collaboration Bookmark allows user to save dashboard instances and retrieve the same as and when required; this comes handy for comparing more than two scenarios and Collaboration enables user to participate in communication thread
  • User can have simplified story telling approach to their data analyses using complex data sets which does not have any dependence on structured or unstructured, historic or real-time, internal or external, in-premise or cloud
  • More emphasis on Geo-location and predictive analytics which helps gain competitive edge and make better decision making in the future
  • TERR (TIBCO Enterprise Runtime R), R or S+ to write and create new data models
  • User Authentication and authorization can easily be performed
  • Connectivity to MS-AD (Microsoft Active Directory) and LDAP (Light Weight Directory Access Protocol) gives more security organization wide, so that only authenticated users are allowed to log-in and see what they have access to
  • Dashboard can further be drilled down and rolled up using filters, sliders, Filters hierarchy and hyperlink (detailed visualization)
  • User can add more functionality to dashboard/visualization using PYTHON script and HTML. For ex: Clicking on ‘Export’ button will take snap of dashboard in PDF
  • Highly Interactive visualization, customizable Charts, Maps with layers, Treemaps, Parallel Coordinate Chart and Heatmaps facilitate user to analyze more dimensions of data within no time and without using queries, OLAP cubes, indexes, functions and formulas
  • Share your insight to your peers, end users , business users through TIBCO server
  • Recommended visualization – In case user is not sure of which visualization to be used for data analysis or story telling approach; Spotfire provides built in intelligence ­­with best fit visualizations for user data analysis
  • Themes – Dashboards can be viewed in different in-built and customizable themes
  • Cost effective – Organizations do not require to spend loads of money to train their employees or end users; with few hours of training users can build simple to complex dashboards

Undoubtedly Spotfire is the best available visualization tool and is going to capture a bigger market share. This is one which will meet the needs of the today’s CXO in their decision making process.

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