Conditional formatting on table

Conditional formatting on table using Power BI

Currently in PowerBI conditional formatting is possible on table and matrix visualization, but there are certain limitations in terms of functionality. End user can do conditional formatting of columns based on column values within same column. Cross column conditional formatting cannot be done using out of the features available on PowerBI (i.e. conditional formatting cannot be done when single column is compared with another column)

E.g. If end user wants to compare current year Sales figures with previous year figure region wise and want to highlight regions which have done poorly based on previous year figures. This cannot be achieved based on current available features.

Using custom visual component in PowerBI above requirement can be met. DEFTeam created a custom visual in PowerBI where end user drags the columns to be compared and the cells in the table are highlighted accordingly

To use this component end user needs to drag

  • Categorical values which need to be displayed on table
  • Measures of Current Period which need to be compared
  • Measures of Previous Period

Image shown is a sample screenshot of the dragged features.


End user also has flexibility to apply custom color for highlight using custom visual created by DEFTeam.

Properties Parameters:

Below Threshold: Select highlighting color for values to be compared are less.

Above Threshold: Select highlighting color for values to be compared are more.

Image shown is the sample screenshot of the parameters.

PowerBI Services

Once all the required features are selected, then formatted table gets displayed with highlighted values as shown below:

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