Oct 2015

BI enables business users to query, report and apply advanced analytics; though it is known fact that each of the above have their own limitations and often it is difficult to uncover information on cause and the impact of business problems and the corrective actions that could be taken. In this scenario, very often multiple[…]

Sep 2015

TIBCO Spotfire is a true example of quality and class of visualization tool; which helps in making informed decisions or decisions for betterment of business in near future, predict or forecast business KPIs, get the essential insights from complex data so that opportunities are never missed, to know where the business is leading and many[…]

Aug 2015

Need to adopt Business Intelligence (BI) by the organizations to make smarter , faster and informed decisions is increasing with the increased competition. Thanks to the challenging economic environment that led to the advent of Business Intelligence into the array of IT Solutions. Access to information is what gives companies competitive edge and allows them[…]

Feb 2015

The foreach package in R basically provides a new looping construct which is used to execute a series of statements repeatedly. This looping construct perform the same work that is done by other looping constructs such as for and while. But, the main advantage of the foreach package is that it can execute the loop[…]

Nov 2014

Jaspersoft Report gives an interactive pixel perfect and ad-hoc based reports for the web, printer and mobile devices. Jaspersoft uses Google map marker to improve the maps which is an important KPI for Information Author. Updates of the actual map can be seen by millions of people in Google maps. DEFTeam provides various extended functionalities[…]

Embedding BI is the process of adding rich data visualization and manipulation to an application by leveraging Jaspersoft’s BI suite in the design and coding of an application. All of the following can be achieved by embedding Jaspersoft BI: 1. Reports that run on demand with output in your application or delivered in a file.[…]

May 2014

BIG data is making the buzz now-a-days. Every single enterprise, organization etc. seems to be gathering it, evaluating it, making money from it and tapping its powers. Whether we’re talking about interpreting millions of data collected for a product launch, or uncountable number of hotel packages stats to find the best time to go on[…]

May 2014

A Domain is a virtual view, created and stored in the server without modifying the data source. Through a Domain, users see columns that have been joined, filtered, and labeled for their business needs. Security policies limit the data values users can access through a Domain. Domain presents the data in business terms appropriate to[…]