Hortonworks Consulting & Support Services
Hortonworks Integration and Consulting Services

Hortonworks is a market leader in global data management solutions. It provides organizations, implements advanced data architectures. Hortonworks Integration Consulting Services helps to manage data assets on cloud and on-premise even when data is in inertia mode or in motion.

Hortonworks Data Platform(HDP) is built on Apache Hadoop and Powered by YARN is a secure, open source Apache Hadoop distribution based on a centralized architecture called as (YARN). Hortonworks Integration Consulting Services Data Platform provide organizations to quickly deploy big data applications effectively. HDP resolves the issues of data in inertia, provides real-time customer applications and renders accurate big data analytics for the key decision-making process.

Hortonworks cloud solutions offer a Hadoop big data platform as a cloud deployment with enterprise security features and scalability. With seamless integration capabilities with Horton data center solutions, enterprises can deploy a custom data platforms that can power and harbor modern data applications.

DEFTeam as a technology partner of Hortonworks Integration Consulting Services is capable of consulting and integrating Hadoop inclined Hortonworks technology for all kind of big data applications. Gain data insights from both in a data center or clouds like Microsoft Azure or Amazon web services with our Hortonworks Integration Consulting Services. Contact us to know more about Hortonworks capabilities.